About us

Medcheck is an electronic version of a patient’s medical history, that is maintained by a mobile application, and may include all of the key administrative clinical data relevant to the user, including immunization details, progress notes, problems, medications, vital signs, past medical history, immunizations, laboratory data and dialysis reports   Medcheck automates access to information and has the potential to streamline the clinician’s workflow.  medcheck also has the ability to support other care-related activities directly or indirectly through various interfaces. 

Medcheck  the next step in the continued progress of healthcare that can strengthen the relationship between patients and clinicians.  The data, and the timeliness and availability of it, will enable providers to make better decisions and provide better care.   

For example, the Medcheck can improve patient care by: 

Reducing the incidence of medical error by improving the accuracy and clarity of medical records. 

Making the health information available, reducing duplication of tests, reducing delays in treatment, and patients well informed to take better decisions.